Hero Escape is the latest run and jump arcade game by Leviia Games that will take you on an infinite hop quest where you can be the hero while saving yourself from the coming obstacles. Set in a thrilling, adventure-packed background, the fast reaction tapper game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you strive to save yourself from the continuous obstacles on your way. This tap jumper and runner game require your adaption and reflexes to the most dangerous and demanding situations.

Hero Escape is an adventurous game that features a hero who is escaping from the enemies and running on a challenging platform with a lot of obstacles on the way. To turn the level up, there is a giant stone ball following the hero so be careful and don’t slow down or you’ll be run over by it!

🕹️How to Play?
You are the hop hero and have to run and jump on an obstacle-filled platform with a giant stone ball chasing you. Tap once to make a single jump and tap twice on the screen to make a double jump. You’ll need the single jump to overcome the obstacles on the road and to make turns while the double jump will be needed to jump over a broken road and cross multiple obstacles on the road. It’s indeed a crazy hop hop jump tapper arcade!

In our endless hop hop jump tap adventure, there are several things that are important. First is fast reaction, second is concentration and third is continuous good performance under pressure. If you master these 3 then you’ll become the ultimate hop Hero Escape champion. How far can you go without hitting the obstacles and letting the giant ball smash you?

Hero Escape Features:
• endless run adventure with running & hopping on dangerous platforms
• High-quality graphics with cool sound effects
• Test your quick reflexes and attention to detail
• Export a gif/png file of your gameplay
• Regular rewards to get more points and time in the game
• Share your scores with friends through social media
• A new background setting every time you enter the game
If you are looking for fast reaction games and one of the best run and jump adventures, then you are at the right place!
Download Hero Escape now and experience never-ending fun!