Welcome to the messy kitchen! If you like “kitchen games”, then the latest game by Midva - Log in to see links is an excellent choice for you!


If you're ready for your favorite kitchen cleaning games, you're at the right place! Look for food, hidden knifes, dishes, and other kitchen utensils. Clean up messy kitchen by finding hidden objects in pictures! If “house cleaning” is your favorite activity, try to find all “hidden objects” in this kitchen from hell! Improve your concentration and detail-recognition and have crazy fun with “hidden objects kitchen”! Enjoy playing our new seek and find game.

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2000+ objects;
Eye-catching graphics;
Charming sounds;
Hint system to help you find the hidden items;
Great zoom feature;
It's 100 % free of charge!
It's 200% anti-boredom!

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The best Midva game has a sequel that you will enjoy playing!

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