Greetings from SiliconMalta!

We are newcomers in the app gaming industry and have just launched our first mobile game called Phone Dice (an online multiplayer 3D real time dice game). Itís available on both Google Play Store & the Apple App Store

Alternatively, you can check our website

The game mechanics are based on Street Craps (more commonly known as Street Dice) where two players roll two dice to hit winning numbers, with the added feature of a single player mode, where you can also win in-game money that can be used in the multiplayer games. If you want to check out the game's rules, have a look at this summary post.

What makes it unique till now is that it is using the accelerometer in the phone to simulate a real hand-throw as close as possible , replicating the flick of the wrist. The user can actually influence the outcome of his throw by variating force and direction.

We would really appreciate your constructive feedback and opinions as we wish to create the best gaming experience possible for everybody.

Technical details:

Real-time multiplayer or solo play street dice game.
Written in pure JavaScript using newest web-technologies.
Proprietary 3D dice engine with real physics.

You can download the game in the official mobile stores or by pressing the following links:
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

We are really excited to hear your feedback (especially since it's our first game) and hope that you have an enjoyable gaming experience.

We know that it can improve and wish that you, the community for which we designed this game, are part of this adventure with us . Thanks for your time!

Feedback ideas:

How do you like the game idea?
Which features would you like to add?
Is the menu and gameplay clear and easy to understand?
Is it fun to play?
Would you suggest the game to your friends?

You can give your feedback here or via:

Or through the game -> Menu -> Settings -> Feedback