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  1. Default Flicky Chicky - Jumping Game and Running Game.

    Hunting for a new game on google play or apple store? Downloading mobile Games from Google Play store and Apple Store and playing them with buddies have always been a fun part of oneís life. FlickyChicky is here to give you best entertainment hours.

    FlickyChicky is a jumping and running game in which super Chicken, Flicky, lives happily with her chicks (Chickies). One day, they all come under a deadly attack of a squirrel (Squirry) and all her chicks gets scattered. The squirrel does not allow Flicky to gather the Chickies and constantly bullies them.

    In such crucial hours for Flicky, would you prefer helping her to gather all Chickies throughout the game and safely put them in their home by confusing the squirrel?

    Then donít wait and run fast to Google Play Store, download FlickyChicky Game for Free, and then rescue chicks (Chickies) before the tiny wings are trapped by squirrel (Squirry). FlickyChicky is the only game that will give you super enjoyment in the urge of rescuing chickies from the notorious squirry. Itís an addiction, Believe us !!!

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    Hehe, sounds interesting and sweet

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