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    Exclamation Acer Switch One 10 stuck on endless Windows 10 update loop!!!

    Acer Switch One 10 @ Windows 10

    Fair warning to everyone who own this device!
    The currently latest big Microsoft Windows 10 update failed on my Switch One 10 and it is stuck on an endless boot update loop saying something like:
    We have updated Your PC.
    The update is running, please don't shut down You PC.
    ... flicker, flicker - and everything starts all over again.

    The above is a rough translation from German as my Switch One is set up to German language.

    Two out of three "solutions" from Microsoft to fix this issue are completely useless.
    Solution number one requires a successful boot to the OS desktop - my Switch One is looping/restarting during the boot up sequence.
    Solution number two is suggesting a power drain - the Switch One has a non removable battery.
    Solution number three is suggesting to create a Windows 10 installation media - I have yet to try this option, but I think it will not work unless the Switch One is set up by default to boot from USB media first.

    The Switch One 10 never ran well on Windows 10, was always slow, laging, felt under powered.
    Well, at this point Microsoft bricked my nearly new device, and I have to bother with the after math!

    This same big Windows 10 update took over two hours to finish on my Intel quad core desktop PC at work, and it left some third party software issues in it's wake that took me another hour or so to resolve!

    What a crappy OS!

    And yes, my Switch One 10 is running a legal Windows 10 copy - the device was set up with it upon purchase!

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    Purely informative, after numerous automatic reboots Windows reverted to the previous version canceling the unsuccessful update.

    Since then there were several Windows 10 updates, each one takes hours to download and install.

    All in all, Windows 10 is a crappy "mobile" OS - way too heavy and recourse hungry!

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