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    Default You Need Not To Be A Hero To Save Lives !!!!!!!

    Blood Donors are a blessing for a dying soul. The dilemma is that in third world countries the need for blood is so much and supply is so little. In other words, the percentage of blood donation is alarmingly low. Every minute, someone, somewhere is in dire need of all blood types and blood groups for their survival. To meet the rising demand for blood, The Blood Community App was developed so that blood seekers can easily search and contact blood donors in their area via single Call / SMS. This mobile app has simplified the whole process of getting blood donations easy and without involvement of any cost. In Pakistan, alone there are Over 17000 registered users who are actively part of this social cause of saving lives.

    Moreover, through the blood community, Thalassemia patients can also get help who are avoided by the society for their frequent requests for blood. Parents of such Thalassemia patients experience unusual blood pressure and depression for the arrangement of blood for their kids twice a month. Now, through “The Blood Community” they can easily access Blood Donors in their area and reduce the chances of somebody dying due to lack of blood availability.

    How It Works ??????
    To see how this amazing application works, please visit the following video.
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