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    With Coozyn you can look for the meals you want from Chefs (Home. Professional and even Celebrity Chefs) (Model M) or Food Businesses (Restaurants, Food Trucks .. etc) (Model R) around you, and order it and track it in a seamless way.

    Still Can't find it? Then place a customized meal order (Model X) and we'll take care of the rest! We will send your request to chefs around you and they will send you the price and preparation time of your order.You choose the bid that suits your budget, dietary preference and time. Typically they are bidding to cook for you!

    Key Features

    - Order anytime, and know exactly if the food seller is available or not, and the meal if available or not. We try to minimize the hassle of canceled orders.
    - You can pick up your food or be delivered for you. Either case you can click the integrated map and get the directions for picking up or live track the order for delivery.
    - Get latest updates about new meals served in your area (What's New).
    - You order will have a specific QR code that guarantees no order mix up.
    - Select your favorite food dietary options.
    - Use Apple Pay or Credit Card to pay for your meal. (We might add cash option in the near future)
    - Save your favorite addresses and swipe to choose the one you want once you log in to the app.
    - Add multiple items to your basket and confirm the orders even if they are from different sellers. Track each order separately.
    - We are adding a smart rating system soon.

    Whatever your order is, Coozyn will help you find it!
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