THE GREATEST GAME OF 2017. Or at least, we think so. Iron Hopper is a classic in the making, the true test of mobile gaming. And the best part of it all? You can GIF your performance! Run, hop and double hop away from the giant rolling fireball thatís just waiting for you to make a mistake. Donít run into the pillars or get caught on the sticky purple squaresÖitís just not good for you. Screenshot and share your highscore with friends on Snapchat and Twitter and see who in the group chat is the best Iron Hopper of all!

Iron Hopperís Amazing Features:
ē Tap to hop! Double tap for a double hop, but donít get too hop happy (hoppy?) or your run will end faster than you thought!
ē Daily rewards! You get coins just for opening the app every 6 hours ó thank us later.
ē 30 characters, able to be unlocked with all the coins youíre going to earn
- When you realize you canít earn coins because you suck at the game, you can always buy some through the in-app purchases!
- GIFs from giphy!

Download Iron Hopper now so that when you see all those late night tweets and gifs, you arenít so lost and confused. Please, leave us a review and tell us what you think!

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