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    Default Submit requests for changes to ringtones

    I have noticed several ringtones with no or wrong song artist or misspelled words. Even some with the wrong song title.
    For example there are several ringtones that say "Grease", but they are all "You're the one that I want". The song "Grease" isn't actually on here. Also I saw "Cats in the Cradel" by Jim Croce. It should be "Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin.

    Is there anywhere to submit a request to change them?

    I saw a place to download notifications on the app of mobiles24, but not the website. The app kept crashing and I took it off my phone.

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    Default Bug Reporting sub forum

    I would suggest to start a thread regarding faulty named gallery content in the "Bug Reporting" sub forum:

    Name the threads title properly and please include any and all information You are able to provide so that a Moderator or Administrator can asses the situation and act accordingly!

    Needed information would include gallery link or download ID, current faulty file name, correct or suggested file name, for ringtones song name and performer.

    Thank You very much!

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