Have you ever played Tetris , Rubicks or other puzzle games ?

Now Join the Evolution and get XCUBE

Rotatable Tetris Based Rubic Cube , put your shapes and fill lines , get the highest score and beat your friends !

A New step for puzzle !

How to play ?

Fill a 360 degree rotatable cube with the given objects, fill a horizontal or vertical line and see it destroyed. Clear sides of the cube to place new shapes. Be careful when clearing, always leave area for incoming shapes.

By destroying lines you earn score until cube is filled and there is no place for the incoming objects, then you lose the game.

Rubicks Mode !

When you want to play harder, switch the gameplay mode and get into rubicks world. Fill the color based faces with the matched color ! But be carefull when you add shapes into one corner, you are blocking another side of the cube. You need to solve your own puzzle !

Theme of your choose! Pick your artstyle , play the game with colors of your choice , personalize your cube ! Pick your concept to play !

Everyday try your chance in Daily Roll ! You can get every possible reward and make differences in your experience.

Features :

- Unique next generation puzzle game
- Rubicks Mode
- Leaderboard
- Daily Roll
- Themes

Make the highest score you can do ! Challenge your friends and beat them !

Stay Tuned for next updates and Gameplay modes ! We promise to make it as best as we can for enhancing your experience and serve unique experiences to you !

Good luck and Have fun !