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  1. Lightbulb Should couples allow each other to look at their phones? (Discuss About Privacy)

    Smart phone and tablet contain more and more private data in nowadays. When you hand over the phone to your family or friend, have you ever worried that they may see the photos or emails, browser the website with your data network, or the kids should mess up the settings in your phone and download games whatever they want. My boyfriend often views my phone secretly.(whew):O

    Should couples/friends allow each other to look at their phones? Do your friends view your phone?

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    I've always had a very simple policy when it comes to people (mainly my parents,boyfriend) looking through my phone or computer:
    You can if you want, but when you find stuff you didn't want to find that's on you, I ain't losing sleep but you probably will.
    I keep plenty of shocking things on my devices, some of it for no reason, some of it for very particular reasons. If someone went through my phone they would cause themselves more problems than they caused me. So far no one has tried it.

    So I used Applock from Domobile. I am using it from couple of month on my Xperia Z phone.. Battery consumption is quite ok not so heavy. Other features are good like locking files, videos, photos, or harassment intercept etc. No one can view my phone. Smart
    If you’re interested in it, please try: Log in to see links
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    as long they know what they're doing tho, and you should treat others as you expect the others treat yours (Gadget), get away from that tempting files unless you want to mess around

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