Crossbow Shooting 3D simulator v1.0
Android 4.0+

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Crossbow Shooting 3D simulator is a simulator of shooting a crossbow.
In the dash there are five shooting targets with different types of targets. Shooting is conducted at distances from 10 to 100 meters. At each distance are given 10 arrows. When you earn 70, 80 or 90 points (depending on the type of the target) you will get access to the next range. Player will be awarded with bonus coins at the end of shooting. The better the result and the greater the shooting distance, the more coins you will earn. In the store you can spend the received coins to improve crossbow that will increase range and accuracy.
The target of the game is to pass all the distances and score maximum points.

Types of targets:
Standard round target, rotatable target, pendulum target. The diameter of these targets 120cm.
Running boar target. Height 75cm.
A life-size target. Height 170cm. 20 seconds in the raised position.
The diameter of the zone "10" is 12cm for all targets.
The crossbow is ranged at a distance of 20m. This means that at 20 meters the arrow will hit exactly to the aiming point. At long range the arrow will be more to decline and therefore it is necessary to aim above the target center.
Additionally, the aiming point should be chosen so you compensate drifting of an arrow by the wind.

In the store, on existing coins, you can buy collimator and optical sights, as well as reinforced bows for your crossbow or set purchased earlier.
Reinforced bows allow you to shoot an arrow with higher speed. The faster the arrow flies, the less reduction and less wind drift. You can find amount of arrow declination with the established bow in "Ballistic information" menu.
Collimator and optical sights to simplify aiming and allow you to more accurately shoot at long distances. You can change the color and appearance of the aiming mark for collimator sights. You can select the amount of magnification and illumination color of the reticle for optical sights with variable zoom.