Hi! I would like to share with you our latest free Android game.

Is a crazy clicker game, and the main objective is: Cover the world with Spam!

In Spam Game you can take revenge on the world for all the spam received over the years by managing your own mailing system.

★ 100 Different themes about body beauty, easy money and "love" for free.
★ Many enhancers to optimize every click.
★ Hardware and software improvements to make the system an invincible machine.
★ Constant view of the attacked area.
★ Increase the scope of the attacks, start in your neighborhood and end beyond the stars.
★ You can also earn dollars per second without clicking.
★ Real-Time day / night cycle.
★ Automatic progress with the game closed.

(Note: Of course "the spam sendings" are fictitious, it is only a part of the game universe, no real spam will be sent to any site)

More info and free download on Google Play:
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Thank you very much for play it!

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