House cleaning may sound like a boring topic, but with our game guide and beautifully designed objects and interiors, you will totally enjoy this game! HIDDEN OBJECTS HOUSE CLEANING!

1500+ objects!
Amazing graphics!
Catchy sounds!
Hint system to help you!
Excellent zoom feature!
100 % free of charge!


Practice your focus with this find the difference game, set in fancy, modern rooms! FIND THE DIFFERENCE ROOMS!

Compare two pictures side by side to search for differences;
When you find the different object, tap on it as fast as possible!
Identify different items in pictures before the time runs out!
The number of differences increases with levels, as well as the difficulty of the game!
If you get stuck, use help: take a hint to see where the pictures differ!

Download the games here:

Hidden Objects House Cleaning -

Find the Difference Rooms -