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    Default Help LG Rumor will not accept ring tones

    Posting in this area as well in hopes of getting this answered, as it has been driving me nuts all day.

    I was directed here from another forum and hope yall can be of some help.

    I recently upgraded a phone and got the LG Rumor, with sprint as my phone service. Before this I had done a little research on how to add my own ring tones with out having to pay a huge price. With Audacity and Razorlame, so that I could turn them into MP3s then encode them to the phone. Every time I tried to send it over Via Bluetooth I was told it was a invalid file type.

    After doing some searching I found a post from these boards I think, that said that if you renamed the file to .midi/.mid that it would work, tried this as well and it still comes up as invalid file type. Since then I have also tried wave, MP4 and ACC files all of which bring up the same response from my phone.

    I do not have the Micro SD card in it how ever, which may be the problem but I honestly donít know, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Wow I just came here to ask about custom. I had been trying my damndest to send over ring tones but no matter what I used Audacity and Razorlame, etc,etc to convert them it always came back as a invalid file type when it got to the phone.

    A few questions. It seems like this will not work at all with out a micro sd card, is this true? Will it work if I am transferring via Bluetooth like I was trying with the other files. And will it work for not only standard ring tones as in I can set up the ring tone to be the standard in coming call tone, but as well as text tones and the call waiting tones?
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