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  1. Default Evil War a Unique Endless Wave Based 2D Shoot-Em-Up, Boss BATTLES and Cool enemies!

    Evil War:
    Shoot MASSIVE Beams from your Chest, Face 100 enemies! Defeat the toughest Bosses (3 Unique Bosses) and Increase/ease your survival chances with power-ups and Upgrades in our latest Endless side-scroller shoot-em-up! Brag about your Kill count... 10,000!!!! And how many Waves you managed to Survive Or About the amount you earned in ONE Go!! (without defeat) and/or show em your biggest GUN!!! Endless fun awaits, literally, in our latest and greatest game, Evil War!
    Enjoy my latest game thank you!
    If you like what I have created here, Thank you and Expect more great games!
    Evil War (£0.79) is available for sale now on the Log in to see links or Log in to see links. Or get It free and test the game with your product before purchase, found below:
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    Evil War Lite:
    Evil War Lite iOS Link: Log in to see links
    Evil War Lite Android Link: Log in to see links

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