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  1. Default How to Convert M4V to MKV with Smart Work?

    What you are thinking there is what I believe I do.

    I basically rip my media direct to MKV with the native Video and selected audio and sub-streams that I want with Make MKV. One I have that as a baseline library, It's easy to queue up Handbrake to make mobile versions, and that goes stunningly quick when using Main Profile and reduced resolutions (I typically reduce 1080 to 720) on a modern computer so it's not painful at all.

    Would I say there is no real reason to use MP3 over AAC as you could use the better efficiency of AAC to use a lower bitrate instead and save space? Were are talking about a couple of MB (maybe in the 10s or MBs for a long show), so I can hardly call that an overwhelming reason to shun mp3 if you had a reason to use/like it. How to convert M4V to MKV ?.But there is no technical reason why you couldn't choose mp3 if you liked that codec so I'd calls it a toss up to personal preference. I personally like AAC and use it as a 5.1 to 2.0 Downmix in my mobile encodes.

    Thanks, I just confirmed what you said thanks to those speedy encodes. Might as well leave the audio as the default AAC Dolby Pro Logic II. Apparently, this is compatible with all devices and changing it to stereo doesn't affect the file size at all and changing to MP3 only reduces it a minuscule amount.

    Now I am trying to find a good picture size and quality setting that will look decent and product a file size in the 400 MB range. I have a 500 MB encode of Kill Bill 1 set at 480 wide with the RF set at 21, it looks OK on the iPad. Not sure I can get it much lower than that without it starting to look bad.

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    I didnt knew about that

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