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  1. Default Ringtones on Rogers LG Xenon

    i uploaded the lg pc suite 2 cd that came with my xenon (gr500r) and i have tried the method for the TU720 as i also have it.

    the only way that seems to work so far is to transfer them to the tu720 thru the BitPim method and then send the ringtone to the Xenon thru bluetooth.

    only thing is that when the transfer is complete you have to either assign as ringtone or as ringtone i.d. because if you save it and try to go back after it will not allow you to apply as a ringtone.

    althought this could just be for the rogers network xenons but rogers plain out sucks alot of balls in regards to letting customers customize their phones without shelling out outrageous amounts for in all actuality ****** downloads. (ringtones, games, wallpapers, etc.)

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