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  1. Default Can't hear ringtone previews

    Greetings all;

    Running a Mac, I use to be able to hear the ringtone previews but now I can't unless I download it as an mp3 to my desktop.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Are you using Safari as your browser? I can't listen to samples on this site or a few others on Safari anymore. I can hear them on Chrome. Or you could try Firefox.

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    I'm using Safari. I will try Firefox, thanks for the info

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    Ok was working of Firefox, now it isn't. Could this be a site issue?

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    I downloaded Firefox just to check for you. This site is working fine with Firefox and Chrome. The issues I had with sound samples was not limited to this site when I was using Safari. It included other ringtone sites, Freegal and Amazon. I also couldn't upload ringtones with Safari. Are all you updates for your computer installed? Maybe it's a sound driver?

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