I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy S7 and want to transfer all my purchased audiobooks to my phone for enjoying on my spare time. However, the audiobooks purchased from Audible are all with DRM copyright protection and limited to copy and transfer. How to resolve this problem?

To transfer and enjoy the Audible DRM-locked audiobooks to Samsung Galaxy S7, you have to remove the DRM protection first. Apple Music Converter is such a program which helps you to bypass the DRM of Audible audiobooks, iTunes M4P music and Apple Music. I know there are many DRM removal software in the market, but Apple Music Converter will be one of the best software which can actually strip the Audible audiobooks DRM so that you can transfer to other device such as Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 and Google Pixel for watching anywhere and anytime.

Step 1. Launch the Apple Music Converter
Launch the program, then the iTunes will be opened automatically with Apple Music Converter. Click "Refresh" button to make the program update the iTunes Library.

Step 2. Choose Audiobooks
Go to "Audiobooks" library of this program. Tick the option box in front of each book to select the audiobooks you want to convert.

Step 3. Choose Output Format
On the bottom of the window, select a suitable output format for your device.

Step 4. Start Converting Audiobooks
Press the "Convert" button on the top of the window. Apple Music Converter will pop up a window to start removing the DRM of audiobooks.

When the tasks finished, the DRM protection of audiobooks will be removed. Now you can transfer you audiobooks to you Samsung Galaxy S7 or other device.