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  1. Default LG C1300 Default Ringtone Memory Question

    Hey, I'm quite experienced with getting stuff to and from vx6000. But my friend just got a c1300 and I love the MIDI ringtones that come on it. The names are like LG Theme, Network, Machine something, I don't remember, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I also tried an SMS and Multimedia message, but it only displayed the non-midi ringtones (or so it seemed, trust me on this one, I looked at all the options, Log in to see links)

    Anyone know where I can get them or what cable and possible software to use to nab 'em?

    Ah, the names are:

    -Cingular Sound
    -LG Tune
    -Bach Cello
    -Machine Woman
    -Rock Me

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