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  1. Default how do I upload ringtones found here

    to my phone? I searched for Elvis Presley and there's like 93 or so. I can play them on the site but don't see how to send them to my iphone.

    Please help...


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    Hi Jovin1943.

    Please, do a search before posting, most likely your problem has been answered before.

    But, to answer your question, this is how --->

    You can either use our App via your phone to download the Ringtones you want --->

    Or in the Site, you click on the Ringtone you want to download and follow the next instructions --->

    In the picture provided below, you either click 'Send to Phone' or 'Download this item' --->

    - Using the 'Send to Phone' method, you'll be prompted to give your cell number and go through some steps in order to get a Ringtone to your cell-phone.
    - Using the 'Download this item' method, a box will be poped up in which you're gonna see 2 links: The 1st link is to download a .mp3 Ringtone on your pc and then you can transfer it on your cell-phone, and the 2nd link to download a .m4r (for iPhone/iPad) and then transfer it on your device.

    I hope these instructions help you.

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    I am also want to upload ringtones here.
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    I'm not sure that I ever got to see this, so I'm thanking you now for your kind reply.


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