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    Thanks for the help

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    I didn't see the Motorola VE240 on there, which is 128x128

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    blackberry(9630) tour 480x360 pixel screen
    just as an FYI

  4. Default hey Aaron

    Quote Originally Posted by Aar0n Log in to see links
    All in a days work
    I was just wondering as I have just bought a new LG KM900F if you have anything as in size and what i can download thanx

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    sony ericsson w395 176x220 resolution

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    Hi, how about HTC touch 2 non-camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by windytan Log in to see links
    Hi, how about HTC touch 2 non-camera?

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    Thank you, can you teach me how to install the games, cause I try to download the games for screen size 240x320 to my pc and load it inside my phone thru usb cable, but cannot play .(

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    Sorry I don't know anything about HTC phones.

    But if I find anything I'll tell you.

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    thanks 4 helping

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