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  1. Unhappy Where to enter the code to download directly?

    On the PC/laptop, after I select a song to download, I see the following message:
    (replaced the code for the song with a random number "123456" for the purpose of this discussion)

    "Use a QR Code scanner on your smartphone or tablet and download directly. Or visit and enter 123456"

    I just like the feature that allows downloading directly by entering a code. That would be fast and easy.

    So, when I visit on my smartphone (samsung running android), I am unable to figure out where to enter the code "123456" that corresponds to the song. When I entered the 6 digit number in the search box and hit search, it returns "no such song was found" response. Please explain in detail or any particular steps that I may be missing to download the song directly on my mobile.

    Its been quite frustrating to not be able to use this feature.

    I have to add, this is truly a great site to make my own mp3 ringtones as well as has a huge collection and am loving it!

    Thank you!

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    Hi, The link provided was wrong - please use the following link: Log in to see links.

    Also, seeing as your using Android, you can download our Android app on Google Play Log in to see links

    Glad you like the site!

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