I have an LG Cosmos phone (basic phone) which is not covered for data. (If I had data I could install games all I wanted lol) So I found some games online that I downloaded in the .jar and .jad format. The .jar file is the application, and the .jad is the installer. However, I am not sure how to install or run the game on my phone. I have read tutorials about how to do this, and I can't do it because my phone acts a bit differently. First of all, I can't access the system memory of my phone to transfer files. When I use the USB mass storage option, it only connects my microSD card to my phone. I could copy the .jar and .jad files to my phone, but I can't run them, as my phone has no file browser. I am a bit stuck, so if anyone has the same phone and can help me out it would be appreciated. By the way, this is the first generation of the LG Cosmos I have, and it is the non-touchscreen version.