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  1. Question Help with installing .jar/.jad games on LG Cosmos

    I have an LG Cosmos phone (basic phone) which is not covered for data. (If I had data I could install games all I wanted lol) So I found some games online that I downloaded in the .jar and .jad format. The .jar file is the application, and the .jad is the installer. However, I am not sure how to install or run the game on my phone. I have read tutorials about how to do this, and I can't do it because my phone acts a bit differently. First of all, I can't access the system memory of my phone to transfer files. When I use the USB mass storage option, it only connects my microSD card to my phone. I could copy the .jar and .jad files to my phone, but I can't run them, as my phone has no file browser. I am a bit stuck, so if anyone has the same phone and can help me out it would be appreciated. By the way, this is the first generation of the LG Cosmos I have, and it is the non-touchscreen version.

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    Welcome to Mobiles24!

    LG Cosmos 2 & LG Cosmos Touch VN270 don't seem to support Java according to specs I came across!

    To verify the above try sending a Java game file to Your handset via Bluetooth (from Your PC or another phone or tablet PC).
    If the device tags it as unknown file type You are out of luck trying to install games on it.

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