Gold of Aztecs v1.01
Android 2.3.3+

Open the entrance to the treasure of the legendary treasure of the Aztecs.

Aztecs is one of the ancient civilizations of Central America.
many myths and legends associated with the civilizations of the Aztecs. Some of them told about the huge gold reserves, which is hidden in deep caves. To find him, will need to overcome many obstacles, decipher ancient manuscripts and choose the "keys" to the secret door that protects access to the treasury.
If you are willing to go in search of gold and jewels, then the game "Gold of aztecs" is exactly what you need.
Rules of the game:
On the playing field is a stone door, consisting of 16 units. Colored crystals and rings are located on blocks. Number of crystals of each color is always equal to the number of rings of the same color. You must place the crystals so that they match with the color of the ring, which is located within the crystal.
To move the crystals touch the screen in the center area of the four crystals. At the same time just four crystal will move clockwise to the next position. Keep doing this as long as all the 16 colored crystals will be in the rings with the same color. Think carefully about each move. Try to open the door using as small number of moves as possible. Amount of treasures, that you will find behind the door depends on it. When you correctly place all the crystals, then the door will open, and the legendary gold Aztec will be yours.

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