If you play from your mobile phone Android or iPhone, there is a very effective and quick trick, advancing the clock. When you run out of lives, advances the time enough to recover all lives time and see how your five lives have spare instantly. Of course, once again put timekeeping timeout to renew again lives will increase to more than an hour, since the game remembers the time and will make up for the time ahead.

In the case of Android, there is another tuco lives that allows you to get as much as you want, delete the data from the Pine Apple Chicken Crush app to have it like when installed, full of life. To avoid losing data surpassed levels, you must have synchronized the game with your Facebook account. Having done this, go to 'Settings' and select 'Applications Manager'. Once inside, look for the application of 'Pine Apple Chicken Crush' and select it. Then press on 'Force Quit' and once closed the game, select 'Clear Data'. When you're done, open the game and log into your Facebook account to recover the level that you were. You will see that the lives are back in full.

If you are someone who plays from Facebook and every day you get notifications from friends who have sent you lives, there is a very good trick to keep them. Remember that if you accept shipped more than five lives will lose them, since the game does not take an amount higher than the five lives. So the trick is to open a tab with your friends by sending messages lives. Leave that tab saved there for later and exhausted lives on the first tab of the game. On when there is no age, go to the tab where you have the lives of your friends and accept them to refill your lives. Make this process every time you run out of lives and before accepting to have them always available.

For those who play by Facebook on the computer, there is an available application that allows you to accumulate a total of 99 unlimited lives. For this it is necessary that the Mozilla Firefox browser have installed. Open the browser and go to leethax.net. Once inside, slide the bar down until the icon 'Firefox Extension', select it. You see another page opens, press on 'Install Extension!' and in the next window, give 'I understand and Agree with the above.' Press 'OK' to start the installation of this extension. When installation is complete, close all Firefox sales. Then open Pine Apple Chicken Crush from Facebook and see how your lives have increased to 99.