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    Music and songs were popular in afghanistan the soul of the country.The music covers the whole region and across the borders of neighboring countries.However pashto singer had to leave the country and escape to pakistan and other countries as a precaution for their lives. some singers sing together and leave to alternative music.It is estimated that almost all famous musicians and singers in afghanistan have left the country or were forced to flee. Many singers and musicians have also disappeared and were imprisoned simply for the love of music.This application will take you to world-class songs of nice afghan dance pashto video songs.Pashto top dance songs and videos application consists of the most up-to-date pashto stage dance dubai gul panra new songs latest funny pashto songs and assortment of pashto afghani mast attan song oss warka dang.

    For All Android Versions 2016 Pashto Afghani Songs Gul Parna Songs Videos Download Free

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    Good app for those who understand your language of songs.
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