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    Default [Game]Arcane Knight:An Endless Runner - Action RPG game,featuring mounted combat game

    Arcane Knight : An Endless Runner - Action RPG game,
    featuring mounted combat game mechanics.

    Hi everyone, I am very excited to announce that our newest title, Arcane Knight, is now available on App Store and Google Play.

    Arcane Knight is an Endless Runner - Action RPG game for iOS and Android platforms. In Arcane Knight it is aimed to combine the Mounted Combat game mechanics with the classical RPG elements, such as character development through levelling up and gaining new items and skills, in an endless runner fashion.

    In Arcane Knight, you will ride through the forests, canyons and villages of a medieval fantasy themed world and fight against an invading barbarian horde, which consists of various types of enemies such as pikeman, mage, trapper, spearman, lancer and more. Because every enemy type has their own unique behaviour, you must decide rapidly whether to do a melee attack or ranged attack or cast a spell according the current situation while trying to avoid enemy attacks and obstacles.

    Features :
    - Mounted combat game mechanics
    - Simple and intuitive controls
    - Character development
    - Variety of Items and power-ups
    - Medieval themed environment
    - High quality 3D graphics
    - Lots of achievements

    Available for free on
    App Store
    Google Play

    Follow Us
    Website : Corvus Games
    Facebook : Arcane Knight
    Twitter : @CG_ArcaneKnight

    Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about Arcane Knight.
    E-mail :
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