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  1. Red face [Game][Free] The Flying Sun - Adventure Game

    Our very first game, finally available for iOS!

    We have just launched our very first game The Flying Sun - Adventure Game. It's an easy arcade for kids and adults.

    Just set the speed and the angle, click on the sun, and try collect as many coins as possible.
    You also get various achievements and power-ups to bring this crazy Sun back to the sky

    Hone your skills, try again and again to upgrade and rescue the Sun.

    We truly need your feedback and rates (that would be nice). It could help us improve.

    The game on Log in to see links.

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    Merry Christmas everyone!!! Wish you all happiness and love!

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    Happy New Year!! We are making something really special for you. Get ready for the updates!

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    Can you share, images of the app. i want to see them before i download it. it will be more easy for me to decide whether to download it or not.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm attaching the screenshots to this post


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