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    Car parking: real 3D simulator is new free game, where your aim is to drive your car through the checkpoints in order to reach the target parking position without hindering your path with any obstacles. You have to adjust your speed to achieve your goal, that means you don't want to drive furiously - without nitro fever mania ( madness frenzy ). This crazy game takes place in a normal reckless city environment.

    You can drive freely with 2 cars in the open game map. This game is really helpful to those who are heading to driving school. You can pick from 2 vehicles - drift capable 4x4 SUV and turbo sport coupe, but you can find in streets other types of powerful and luxurious cars such as bus, pickup, truck, tractor, taxi, police car,limo and other grand town traffic gears.

    When you steer a lot, you can left a track on road asphalt. Accept challenge, earn navigation experience, develop driving skills and became a legend between perfect parking drivers in this awesome 3D vehicle simulation game. Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. You can pick from 25 various levels situated near town. You can find a extremely fast highway and hill where you can try to climb.

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    I really like it. so good graphics.

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    Amazing game with really interesting features and graphics thank you for sharing it.

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