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    Default How much sleep do you get?

    I recently got a smart watch Garmin Vivoactive mostly for cycling and golf built in apps, plus the smartwatch side. And it tracks my sleep. Not the most exciting thing i know, but still interesting to know they say 8 hours sleep is healthy i think.

    This was my last nights sleep (sunday night) i got 8 and half hours sleep was up 4 times. for toilet am guessing. But only had 2hours deep sleep.

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    Excellent, Paul

    I never get enough sleep

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    I believe I read that a person sleeps in ~90 minutes cycles, thus 7.5 hours of sleep is optimal.
    It would add up to 8 hours with awake time though.

    - When I work the morning shift I sleep 3-6 hours, mainly because I can not fall asleep in the evening but must get up early in the morning. By the end of the week I am so tired that I oversleep half the Saturday, or Sunday if I had to work on the Saturday.

    - When I work the night shift I get anything between 4-12 hours of sleep, I can fall asleep immediately but the sleep duration varies depending on outdoor conditions. I usually can not sleep during the day in the summer, but can sleep all day long in the winter.

    - When I work the noon shift I get a steady 7-9 hours of sleep and feel the most rested. Same goes for work free days and weekends.

    I went a little over 48 hours without sleep once or twice, but I wouldn't recommend it unless really necessary.
    The secret is to keep pushing/pumping, if You slow down to rest or drink a coffee You won't get up again.

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    I need at least 10 hours sleep per day

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    I often get a day long headache if I sleep considerably longer then 8 hours.

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    In a bad sleeping habit at minute, going bed late and then waking up at dinner next day.

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    Less sleep than I should...

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    Still not sleeping well, probably 5 hours a night. I wish i could just press a button switch off from the world and sleep for a full week have beautiful dreams and come back feeling new and refreshed.

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