Log in to see links is a security application which is used to track text messages, picture messages, calls, location and websites visited on target Smartphone. Such software is sophisticated and it monitors all activities on target Smartphone. The app on target phone will run without the knowledge of the user. If you are a parent who wants to monitor the movement and communication of your teenager or child, the tracker SMS allows you to do it through secure web browser interface. The application software is effective and very simple to use with little impact on battery.

Why one needs to install SMS tracker app

Every person now has a cell phone these days and even children and teenagers walk around with brand new phones. Most Smartphones available now a days offer access to the internet. So some kids may surf through unwanted sites that they are not supposed to visit. Even children may start chatting with unknown persons without being aware of the consequences. Parents always remain worried, to whom they are texting messages or contacting on a regular basis. To know what your children are doing all the time, you must install call log and Log in to see links on the target phone. The app, called tracker SMS is pretty straightforward app. You have to just install the app on the device you want to monitor and it would record all conversations and will store the messages in a file. You must register to the site and SMS tracker login will allow you to view the recorded messages. You can access the file on any device.

Here are some best application software that can do much more than capturing text messages on target phone.

1. Copy9 – This call and SMS tracker app is inexpensive and user-friendly and remains a good choice for Android and iPhone devices. The app allows users to view targeted device, browse history, text messages and photos uploaded. It allows you to monitor incoming & outgoing calls, monitor email, track location, monitor social media and spy on text messages. Just download, install and start monitoring your child.
2. ImMobileSpy – The ImMobileSpy app is powerful with highly innovative features. You can spy on any phone remotely. The SMS tracker hidden works invisibly without allowing the device user know the phone is being tracked. The app works on all phones and on all networks. All messages from the target mobile device will be sent to your server silently and it can even trace the deleted messages on iOS. First, you have to download and install the application on the target device. Then SMS tracker login to your account after entering your username and password. See what your child is texting silently.
3. ***** – The tracker SMS and text message spy software has helped thousands of people to spy on cell phones. It is a superior text message spy and it will extract deleted messages from any cell phone. It remains the best app for any Android device.

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