Hi all,

I wanted to share the news about my updated fitness app, Wosport. Itís time you get off your bum and be more active. This is perfect for anyone who is trying to achieve some health and fitness goals but do not have the time to drive to the gym or money to buy expensive equipment. Wosport is a FREE app I developed to provide you with the best customized exercises and workouts conveniently from your iPhone.

wosport - Your Personal Trainer 1.jpg

Wosport allows you to workout on your time and brings the personal trainer to you. Every exercise is easy and effective with instructions and pictures to show you what muscles will be feeling the burn. Simply input your goals, age, gender, intensity level and workout frequency and the app will generate the perfect routine for you. Wosport tracks your progression and has 180 circuits of training and 6 types of workouts to really hit all the muscles in your body.

To download on iTunes, click the link here:

Any comments, questions and feedback on the app is welcomed. I would also love to hear about your workout progression!

Thanks for your time!
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