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    Is there anywhere that I can find software for my Sony Ericsson P900 that is actually compatible with it? I've specified my device on this website in order to find applications specifically for it, yet every single application I have downloaded, supposedly compatible with the P900, has not worked in one way or another. All but one have simply given me an error stating that the Java version is incompatible, whereas one, Panzer Tactics, installed (eventually, after an error with an icon or something), but will not start.

    A little disappointing, as the variety of applications on this website is great... But nothing works!

    I'm beaming the applications to my phone over Bluetooth, from my iMac, and installing them using the handset, this method has worked fine for quite a few other applications both downloaded from the internet and taken from the Software CD supplied with the phone.

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    Hello and welcome to Mobiles24!

    Your handset is not strictly a Java phone , but rather Symbian - more precisely Symbian OS v7.0, UIQ v2.1 which falls under Symbian S60v2 and S60v2 FP1.

    That been said You should try widen Your search to following tags: UIQ , UIQv2 , S60v1 , S60v2 , S60v2 fp1 , 208x320 , Sony Ericcson P800/P900/P910 , Motorola A925/A1000

    I have a acquaintance that once owned a a P900 series Sony Ericsson , if memory serves it was difficult to find third party apps that actually ran on it.

    You may want to try installing apps through a JAD file , some of those old handsets required it for apps to install and run properly.

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    Ok! Thank you very much for the information and the tips!

    Right now, what I'm really in need of for my P900 is some painting software, I'm looking for something 'professional' so to speak, something like Bitween's Photo Editor, which I have, but cannot use as my copy is unregistered and therefore I am unable to save my work. I've contacted them... But I very much doubt they'll even come back to me on that one, let alone have a solution. The only features that would be a necessity would be the ability to set a custom canvas size (Although 320x640 is as large as it really *needs* to be), the ability to work with brushes 1 pixel in size, a full colour wheel, and the ability to both save and import images, as I work in stages, I would save each stage and then re-import it to continue working.

    Ideally, I'd be using Bitween's Photo Editor... But I can't see that happening any time soon.

    You've helped enough already though, and I don't wish for this to sound so rude.
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    I'm still here! And I've finally had some success with installing functional applications onto my P900, managed to get Handy Day 2005, WorldMate and Handy Explorer all up and running, which has greatly increased the functionality of the phone. Bitween's Photo Editor still eludes me however...

    Although, I believe I could get it working if I were able to port an S60 variant of the application to UIQ, and it turns out that software capable of doing this once existed, something called S2U developed by an organisation known as Peroon. The trouble is, I'm not so sure that it still exists, which it would seem is not so. Is there anywhere where one can obtain this software, or is it lost forever in the murky depths of the internet?

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