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  1. Default [FREE][GAME] Galaxy Conquest II: Space Wars

    Hi guys,
    We would like to introduce our new game -- Space Wars
    Here's its page on Google Play:*

    Features -*
    -Train unique troops and commander, and fortify your base with heavy cannon, missile, artillery and other defenses!
    -Appropriately conduct your Commander to fight on the battlefield!
    -Strategically deploy powerful ground forces and air units!
    -Strengthen your forces with variety of equipments!
    -Explore the endless sky, lots of treasures are waiting for you!
    -Improve your commander, rare Mecha will bring you unprecedented power and exhilaration!
    -Build strong legion with friends and other players!
    -Battle with thousands of other players, raid their bases and enjoy the spoils of war!

    -----Any problem or suggestions? We’d love to hear your voice: -----


    Hope you like it.
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    hi, there. Here is a good news! For the next few days, I will keep updating useful information about Galaxy Conquest II, including some start guides for the beginners and games strategies. Hope you can enjoy it!

  3. Default Tips

    There are some FAQ in Gc2.
    I’d like to share with you today:
    Question 1:
    Q: How many kind of mecha are there in the game?
    A: Six: Lord, Ares, Ghost ,Master, Shadow , Flame
    Question 2:
    Q:How to get Mecha?
    A1:You can get Mecha by exploring” Wheel of Fortune” in Star Gate.
    A2:You can get Mecha by “ Compound” the debris of Mecha.
    Question 3:
    Q:What is the highest quality of Mecha?
    A: The highest quality of Mecha is “Legendary”
    Question 4:
    Q:What is the highest level of Mecha?
    A: The highest level of Mecha is five stars.

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    New version was updated.
    Go to googleplay( and appstore( to download Galaxy Conquest II.

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    Today, I am featuring the best HD Desktop wallpaper for you.
    Hope you like it.

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    Nice Game and Nice Features Thanks For Sharing It.
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