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    HELP...the sounds enabled games hang on my 6300!

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    None of the games will work on my Samsuch TGH-T609 (with Rogers).

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    I have a sony ericson k790a, spider man, lost so far are the only games ive downloaded, but they do not fit fullscreen. Any help??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean1337 Log in to see links
    I have a sony ericson k790a, spider man, lost so far are the only games ive downloaded, but they do not fit fullscreen. Any help??
    That's because the Sony Ericsson K790a has a screen resolution of 240x320. The games that work for this handset are listed Here (240x320 Games)

  5. Default War of the Worlds 320x240

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a unique issue with War of the Worlds (240x320) on my Nokia 6131. I've run the gamut of compatibility issues for java games (no 3D support, wrong size games, audio stalls, forign languages, etc) but War of the Worlds (from several sources) has a new problem i've not seen before and can't seem to fix--and I've downloaded several versions of the game from different places, and the Mobiles24 one acts the same.

    The game plays cropped to about 240x240. I can tell it has the correct data to be running in 240x320, because the tripod walker is stomping all over buildings and i'm getting points, but the top and bottom of the game screen are cropped, and instead of showing blank white like a game that is the wrong resolution, it's actually showing my wallpaper!

    I've tried the trick editing the MANIFEST.MF file and changing settings there (I even wrote a new one from a similar game that does work) but nothing will force it to show the entire game screen. And it's not my theme, because I've reverted to default and it still happens.

    And ideas? It's a shame I won't be able to play this top-rated side-scroller. What I could see of it looked like fun.

    Check out Log in to see links

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    i have downloaded numerous games on my ericsson w200i and all of the screens are way too big for my phone. does anyone know what screen size i need to use or what games i will be able to play

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    The W200i supports games that are 128x160

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    I have instaled java ga,es dowloaded in this site for my nokia 6125 (128x160) and all games have crasehd ann returned this error: java/lng/noclassdeffounderrpscom/mascotcfapsule/micro3d/v3/affinetrans...
    Anybody help me ?

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    Unfortunately, this error means the games are not compatible with your phone. Have you tried all of the 128x160 games?

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    Can an administrator please tell me what resolution games work on a samsung d900 please.

    Regards in advance !!!!!!!!

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