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  1. Arrow Need Help! Sony Ericsson

    help with sony ericosson z525

    When i put the java game on my phone it works but then the i am not allowed to only a little of the game. The screen size is mess up so i can not see the whole game. how can i fix this problem. Someone please please help me.

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    only a little of the game.

    This is because that particular game is a demo. We do have a few demos in the database.

    The screen size is mess up so i can not see the whole game

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to adjust the game to the correct screen size (128x160 in your case). Some Java Games are scalable, but others are developed to a fixed screen size. If there's a particular game you're looking for that will work on your phone, please request in the Java Games section.

  3. Default ok thank you

    ok thank you

  4. Default Need Help! Sony Ericsson

    Sony Ericsson j220i

    I want to know why this type of ohnone cannot download games. the phone downloads picturesand sounds, dut when i go to games site for download it says invalid address, try anpother connection.
    what is the reason???????????????????.

    top john

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    Unfortunately, Most of our games may not work properly with your phone as the phone screen size is only 128x128. Most of our games are for screen sizes of 176x208 and above.

  6. Exclamation Help Me!!! Urgent!!!

    Somebody help me please cuz my K510 is totally broken.

    1) The screen become white
    3) When i charge it, the battery meter do not work.
    2) The mobile phone hang and not work
    3) Then now, my mobile is restart automatically.

    Number 3 & 4 are the most frequently appear in my phone !!!!

    PLZ HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

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    .,2 words..


    ,.haha, only 1 word d.ay,.

  8. Default

    How To Reformat This !!! I Can't Connect It To My Pc!!! The Button Also Not Work

  9. Default K800i

    Some body help me stopping sleep mode

  10. Default

    go into settings and turn it off...

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