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    Default [FREE] Space Shooter X v1.0.9


    I've just ported my game from Windows Phone to Android and is wondering if you would be interested in reviewing it.

    Space Shooter X
    was inspired by old school Japanese shooters, but with HD graphics, an edgy pace and plenty of bosses to battle. Ships can be upgraded with a vast assortment of weapons and you have full power and bombing options to help you obliterate your enemies. Speaking of which, while some space shooters have your enemies approach you head on, Space Shooter X has them coming from all directions.
    Notable features include:

    No shields, limited to three lives making the game play even more challenging
    Supports individual country leaderboards besides a global one.
    Gain one full-power module for every 50000 points earned
    Bonus items appear at random as you destroy enemy ships to increase your firepower.
    It's not a game to play when you are feeling lazy!

    Space Shooter X
    is a free, ad supported game with an option to remove it via in-app purchase and buy power-ups, bombs and lives that range in price from $0.99 to $9.99. It's available for download now at Google Play Store.

    You can also read about my experience in porting Space Shooter X from Windows Phone to Android at my website


    Here's a video of Space Shooter X in action
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    Superb game I was enjoyed it a lot and too much fun totally adventures and entertaining game for me. I love it.
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