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  1. Talking [HOT]Dwarf King - Five Orcs Battle (Game The Hobbit pixel)

    Hello my friends
    Download: Log in to see links

    Download: Log in to see links
    Join the fight of Dwarf King for Middle-earth in an retro style game 8 bit.
    Dwarf King: The battle of Five Orcs is an arcade-style fighting game. raise up your sword and beat up those orcs, go for your unexpected journey and be ready for the greatest battle in the middle of world.

    - Free to play
    - Simple and addictive game play
    - 8 bit art style
    - Tablet support!
    How to play
    - Press A to attack
    - Press B to jump
    - Press A when jumping to perform super attack

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    It has really good graphics I like to play this kind of amazing game.

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    The graphics you shared are really amazing, but your play store link is not working. can you share any other link to download the game.

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