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    gg i will think and wait about getting the j700 because really i longed for the d900 which was the phone when it first came out, and still is with good ergonomic design, its keypad and decent cam,video etc. but seems its kinda obselete in stores nowadays and i dont purchase stuff online. if you download games online straight to your phone, there is a site that has mostly every single mobile game you can think of,fishlabs,gameloft and some 3d ones as well.its in russian but easy to find the downloads which you can load straight to the phone in either jar or jad. i can send you the link if you like, though i cant write it here because of legal stuff. just few more questions on the j700 which i forgot to ask. can you pause the video during recording? and you mentioned videos could be viewed in full screen. can that be possible with video files on the memory card? how is the quality smooth,semi smooth,slow in low light conditions or lag with cuts like in the e250. just wondering cause the reviews have put it down as 15fps. any more info would be appreciated thanks.

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    Ummm... I really don't remember whether u can pause while making a video or not, but the quality is fine. not lagging at all, although if u play larger videos, the screen goes black for a few seconds, and then suddenly the video starts, but that's not a big problem. And the videos can be full screen in landscape mode, whether u play them from phone memory or memory card. (after starting the video, just press #)

    I converted MANY videos for my phone, many movies actually, and they all came out fine. I used to watch movies all the time in that phone. And if the movie u converted is in CinemaScope, then obviously ur video will also be in CinemaScope. But the videos have good quality, not what I like, but still good.

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    the movies i watch on my e250 were all downloaded from it mostly searches youtube. the videos are 3gp format in 176 144 resolution. i tried mp4 but their all 240 320, and since the phones screens 128 160, it wont play anything above 176. though phones with 176 220 screens can play video cif 255 388. but handsets with 240 320, 176 144 videos show up very small only half the screen. good flicks 2. i never saw revenge of the sith till i download 10 minute 14 parts of the whole movie. and what an ending. impressive, most impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerGal View Post
    actually u really don't need any PC Studio for this, just make sure that ur Memory Card is inserted in the phone and then connect the phone to PC. that's it, ur pc should recognize the device (I did it the same way). and I'm really sorry but I don't know anything about that error u mentioned. I never received any such error in my phone.
    Make sure that:

    1. The .jar files are equal to or less than 300 kb.
    2. The names of the .jar and its .jad file are same! There shouldn't even be a difference of a coma or a full-stop, got it???
    3. The game you have downloaded is NOT 3D. (if it is 3D, then it will give an APPLICATION ERROR or the phone will freeze, mine did!)
    4. The resolution is 128x160.
    5. Finally, please move BOTH .jar and .jad files in the SAME folder. and then install with the .jad file.

    hope i've helped! pm me if u have any other problems.

    is it a problem if i dont have any memory card
    and,this will sound stupid but:how can i put games with only usb on my gsm

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    Actually, there is only one problem if u dont have a memory card, the phone just doesn't have enough memory! that's all. And i really dont understand ur second question. U can transfer ur games to ur phone via a USB very easily, just copy and paste. Or is it anything else u wanted to ask?

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    sorry it doesn't work for me !!!!!!

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    this is the instruction how to bypass java protection for j700i the same phone as j700.
    1. To install java games you need to copy jar & jad files in same folder to microSD card.

    2. To remove limit 300 kb you need to open jad file with notepad ... and change the number of file sizes. Something will be like this 400000 you chnage it to 260000

    3. Some games needs to edit jad file information to be able to even play the game. Or will show the error.

    4. On samsung phone if you install first time the game .. and it shows error you will not install the second game because you need to enter JAVA section and delete tha game that cause the error and re-instal it. That is the biggest problem

    5. Here is some games that I play on my samsung j700i that I edited JAD files that will do the work on all samsung phones with resolution 128*160

    asphalt 4
    asphalt 3
    some money aplication
    basketball ...... etc..

    [Dead links removed]

    6. phone games made for sony erikson k500i can play with this phone also.
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    I have a Samsung Propel (A767) I want to install games on. I can get the games put on my phone with no problem but how do I install them/play them? When I select the game I get an "Unsupported file type" error message.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Alrite, kids, i can realize U R having a hard time INSTALLING GAMES into SAMSUNG mobiles, well, here´s a good option:
    U dont need PC STUDIO, ok?
    u set default USB to massive storing
    U definately NEED jadmaker, easy to use and very reliable
    well: after DOWNLOADING a JAR FILE, u save it WITHOUT changing its original name, ok?
    you SAVE the jar IN Memory Stick, and you create jad file simply by traying jar into jadmakers window; Ull be almost done by now

    u now got "X".jar and "X".jad IN THE SAME FOLDER, ok?
    U GO to NAVIGATOR (left of MEDIA) and click TYPE URL
    CLEAR the http: thing and TYPE THIS:


    instead of the X you type the FULL and EXACT ORIGINAL NAME OF THE FILE U DOWNLOADED, OK? and i mean EXACTLY WRITTEN

    when u got that typed you just click GO and there U go,,,i hope i helped, i got SAMSUNG CORBY S3653 and it ABSOLUTELY WORKS

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    till the jadmaker it was

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