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    have u tried restarting ur phone? and if that doesn't work then u might have to take out the battery and sim, and insert them in again. some games slow down this phone. i have played many games due to which the phone hangs! just stops working. my suggestion: go in games n apps n find and delete the installed game which is causing this problem. hope it helps. it usually does with my phone.

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    Hi GamerGal, I have tried every thing u had mentioned in ur post but i still get java errors. can u please post sum game links which works on ur j700??

    do u need to use any unlocking codes to install the games?? please help!!!

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    U can go here: 128x160

    Or here: Multiscreen

    My name's Zarnaz, download any files u want which I've uploaded over there by my name. Make sure the files u download are less than or equal to 300 kb (files more than that are for other phones). nearly all the files which I've uploaded work in my Samsung J700. and no, I didn't need any codes to install games. hope i helped! n if those files work, please inform me, i might upload some more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerGal View Post
    well, then install it again n open the program named as JADMaker, then u'll see a window, just drag n drop ur .jar files onto that window. its easy!
    hi im also with a problem on games for samsung j700
    and i did tryed jadmaker but always i want to put it on my phone there always comes an massage:"this type of file isnt compactible with this map"
    i hope you can help me with it

    P.S.:i am using new pc studio to put it on my samsung

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    actually u really don't need any PC Studio for this, just make sure that ur Memory Card is inserted in the phone and then connect the phone to PC. that's it, ur pc should recognize the device (I did it the same way). and I'm really sorry but I don't know anything about that error u mentioned. I never received any such error in my phone.
    Make sure that:

    1. The .jar files are equal to or less than 300 kb.
    2. The names of the .jar and its .jad file are same! There shouldn't even be a difference of a coma or a full-stop, got it???
    3. The game you have downloaded is NOT 3D. (if it is 3D, then it will give an APPLICATION ERROR or the phone will freeze, mine did!)
    4. The resolution is 128x160.
    5. Finally, please move BOTH .jar and .jad files in the SAME folder. and then install with the .jad file.

    hope i've helped! pm me if u have any other problems.
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    gamergirl i was thinking about getting this phone. i was wondering how much memory is there for the java applications. is it a separate memory folder like the 4mb java world in other samsungs or are the games applied to the phones internal memory reserved for pics videos etc.if thats the case then there aint much space really unless you move the games to the card if thats possible.300kb limit for downloads, but say you downloaded 295kb and once you loaded it, it increased over 300kb,would the game still run? also whats the video recording quality like? i heard it was ok 15 fps. the quality on the e250 which i own at the moment is poor to say the least. with the j700 can you view the videos in full screen? and can the music player support formats in WMA? just one thing, the old samsung design for the music player had a nice coloured visualisation display, the disco, rainbow stlyle. seems the j700 is just plain black or white. is there any way to background or a skin maybe. help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Cyrberus, in a nut shell:

    1. There is no extra space for java games/applications.
    2. There is an external memory card slot which supports up to 2 GB memory card.
    3. You CANNOT install or move ur installed games in memory card, they are only installed in the phone memory.
    4. The game should be less than or equal to 300 kb BEFORE installing or downloading. It doesn't matter what size it becomes afterwards, I had many installed games of even 400 kb.
    5. Yes, the video quality is ok, you can watch videos in full-screen.
    6. I think the WMA format is supported. I don't own that phone any more.
    7. Last but not the least, it does NOT support any kind of theme, skin for music player e.t.c., its either just plain old black or overly bright white. (out of these two, black is the best option.)
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    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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    many thanks for the info gg. the j700 looks a promising advancment over the e250 so i might give it a try.i see so it doesnt matter if when you down a game and it loads over 300kb when it starts the application, as long as its under 300kb when you download. this is in the case of doomrpg whereas mostly all versions of the game work on all phone models, but hence the file size is 301kb! the siemens version is 293kb and worked just fine on my e250 which it builds up to something like 370,400. and still i reckon the most memorable turn based fps i have ever played. execellent psuedo sci fi space station 3d graphics and characters, pulsating weapons, intriging plot and story with an unforgatable twist to the ending. orcs and elves is based on the same graphic design engine as doom, but the characters move slower. and from the rummers on various game sites doomrpg part 2 return to mars is supposed to be released this although i dont think id software has yet to confirm it. just one question gg is there any way to increase the phone mem on the j700? maybe deleting some of the preinstalled games or, like a code or a memory booster you could download to the phone. thanks.

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    I tried downloading the Memory Booster thing, the application worked, but had no effect on phone's memory. And yes you can delete the pre-installed games, but apart from that, you have to limit your photos and videos, or move them into the memory card. Believe me, it was a horrible experience for me!

    And its design doesn't help either! The back cover of my phone was covered in scratches in a month! It really effected its price when I went to sell it. The screen is no exception either. And the fingerprints tend to stick on it like a magnet! Please think about it again! And one more thing, the photos don't come out sharp as well, they are always slightly blurred and bluish, no matter how steady your hand is.

    Best of LUCK!!!

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