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  1. Unhappy

    i have done all that but i says "JAVA Game Error"
    what do i do?

  2. Exclamation

    then go download this file, JAVA Jam Adapter for Mobiles

    install it, open the file named JAM, then configure your settings this way: in the ADAPT FOR column, select Samsung as the Model, and select 128x160 as the Screen Size. in the ADAPT FROM column, select Auto for the Model, n tick on ELSE-DEFAULT PROFILE. click on Create Jad File underneath. then click on Open Jar, select the game u want to install in ur phone, n then click ADAPT JAR. now ur file shud work. just cut and paste both the files in the desired folder of ur phone. have fun! n if u dont mind, can u please click the rep button??? bye! pm me if u want any more help.

  3. Default

    okay thanks..

  4. Default

    how do you expand the max. jar size because it won't let me install games bigger than 300kb

  5. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by BenW24 View Post
    how do you expand the max. jar size because it won't let me install games bigger than 300kb
    yeah i've been looking that up as well, but as it turns out, we cant. and we cant install our games in the memory card, so hard luck... but i m still searching, please try to google for it, n if u find anything, share it with us, thanks!!!!!

  6. Default

    Can I install themes on Samsung j700?

  7. Default

    no sorry, u can't.

  8. Default

    how can i rezise games to the right resolution?

  9. Lightbulb

    I dont think u can resize games for samsung phones. u may use JAVA JAM ADAPTER, but all it does is remove errors from them (the games which display error). it doesn't really RESIZE them either. games can be resized for Nokia and SE phones. but its not possible to resize every game in Nokia either. But u can try if u want to. Jam is uploaded on 4shared.

  10. Default Hmmm?

    ok i got my new phone yesterday and i put the jar and the jad file on my phone(samsung j700) i didnt type any code in and i launched the jad file IT WORKED i could play the game yay! BUT THEN all of i sudden i was half way through putting games on my phone and it just stopped letting me install the games so i though "o ill just try again later ill play some of them in the mean time" BUT OHHH NOO it wouldnt let me play any of the games any more WHAT IS GOIN ON (im on virgin network if that means anything

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