Android L Theme - CM11 PA v3.q
Requirements: Varies according to the device
Overview: DISCLAIMER: Android L by Nucleoid is the only (or one of the very few) that really swaps settings layout without repainting all dark holo apps and so avoiding messes and incompatibilities. For example white on white or horrible colour combinations. This will keep like this until they figure out a fix on the theme engine. For now you just have to change to stock theme to add a new wifi connection or else it will force close.

CyanogenMod Team are working to repair the settings force closing on Wifi Options when holo.light is applied, present in our Android L Theme....FIX COMING SOON
Android L theme by Nucleoid is designed to work on Cyanogen latest theme engine, it will change the look of your smartphone and will resemble the new style of the upcoming android version "L".
Android L by Nucleoid starts on its release by theming the main core components of your phone, its system and framework and will gradually transform into a full themed experience were we will update the number of elements by pushing frequent updates.
Themed elements for now:
If you have any problems or suggestions please follow our community and our team will be pleased to help you out:

What's New
New Settings and Calendar tinted statusbar.
Removed side margin from menus.
Improved analog clock widget.
Some other misc improvements.
As always, don't forget to reboot after applying. Keep the suggestions coming!

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