Speaking from experience, I know it is hard getting your Android Application noticed and among the millions uploaded to the Play Store every day, I am here to help...
Allow me to share a proven psychological concept, it's the same concept that keeps the busy restaurant busy all evening and the empty restaurant empty.
Humans are genetically wired to look at what other humans are doing, therefore, when we see a busy restaurant, this subconsciously alters our judgement on the restaurant in a favorable manner as we think "well, all of those people have made the judgement to eat at this restaurant, therefore it must be good".
This is a form of social learning which allows us to make decisions with minimal time and effort.
The exact same process occurs when browsing for Applications in the Play Store, we see an App that may be useful, but then only has a small number of downloads and even fewer reviews.
Contrast this to stumbling upon an Application with thousands of download with hundreds of glowing reviews? I know which one I would choose.
To enable this for budding app developers, we created APPSNATOR, a service to enable you to increase – HELPING YOUR APPS TO GET TO THE TOP.
Visit us: appsnator Dot com
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