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    I dont think there is ny. Wait for experts.

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    So what?

    Thx any way

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    nokia have a limited cache.. i guess.. so you cant play games more than 1mb in size.. if ur phone memory has a vacant memory atleast 1mb or higher, then i guess it works.. all you need to do is to free the phone memory.. it works on my 6300.. sadly though 6300 cannot support 3d games..

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    well, I've installed NESCube but the controls don´t work. Ive assigned the buttons sideways, so that I may rotate the screen, so 2 is left, 8 in right, 6 is up... I've cleared the other buttons, I've tried rotating and not, I've fiddled with the options and defaulted again, I've tried everything. In tetris is works fine, in donkey kong I can only jump, but cannot move, in mario nothing works. Phone is SE w595, 240x320. Help, please.

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