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    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've got the emulator but there are still some files it can't open ( like 3D games and some other applications). I want to know why??? -THANKS-

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonbix Log in to see links
    I've got the emulator but there are still some files it can't open ( like 3D games and some other applications). I want to know why??? -THANKS-
    Midp2exe and SJboy cant open 3d games, only can emule jme and j2me.

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    To emulate 3D games, the Log in to see links should do the trick.

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  5. Default can anyone post roms for meboy?

    can anyone post roms that i could use on meboybuilder to build games thanks..

    wanted: pokemon hacked versions


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    what do you do with the extra folder?

  7. Exclamation gba emulator for 6120???

    anyone have a link to download a working emulator so i can play .gba format games??

  8. Unhappy free ps2 emulator needed

    friends i want to download free ps2 emulator for my 40 gb ps3 first i need to download it to my mobile then send it to my ps3 from bluetooth so does anbody know a format which is supported for my n95 friends help

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    if you only need it on your phone to bluetooth it then get one of the file explore apps from this site and download the ps2 emulator on to your pc and just connect your phone to pc by usb cord and choose data transfer when it pops up on your phone. then go to my computer---> removeable storage and then copy and paste the emulator into a folder on your 8gb card in your phone. then just go to tools---->file mngr--->and find the folder you put it in and bluetooth away.

    sorry if you already knew this and it didnt work or i gave you bad info. but thats how i move stuff around using my phone. good luck!

    p.s. you need the file xplore app on your phone b/c the ps2 emulator will probably be a .exe file and the nokia n95 cant read it without the app. but you still may be able to bluetooth it. honestly i dont know lol. try it both ways.....

  10. Cool Sorry!

    You can´t do that!
    Simple reason, the PS3 40gb is not prepared for PS2 emulation, only 60gb and 80gb are prepared, and besides you will download a folder with an .exe file and 3 or 4 folder inside (before you instal it), if you try to install it on your cellphone, it will not recognize the extension, and if you try to install it on your PS3, nothing is going to happen, coz to install an .exe files you need an Operating System (Ex: Windows); and besides you also need that the PS3 Lens reads PS2 games (DVD's) and as I said, only 60gb and 80gb have the lens prepared for that!

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