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    Default [Qt] StarBrowser v1.60(0) FINAL Anna Belle signed by Allstar Software

    [Qt] StarBrowser v1.60(0) FINAL Anna Belle signed by Allstar Software

    Star Browser is a colourful and innovative QML/Qt powered browser, it comes with Unlimited Bookmarks, Customizable Homepage, User Sharing, a wide range of excellent user settings, Special Web search Area, 100% Fullscreen mode, Browsing History, ScreenShot Ability, Local File Access and last but not least the the UI can be changed in lots of ways from a large range of colours.


    Much improved User Interface, Old browsing UI gone, now all features are accessible from the one big Menu (Slide Right for more options) URL input available from Menu, New Menu has some characteristics, Landscape/E6 shows all Items in one go, a Button with a white ring indicates that Button has a long press feature, A white fade over the Button indicates a enabled feature. Symbian Qt Quick components replaced with darker backgrounds for better look and for less battery usage with in view. VGA devices (E6, 702T) now support the UI better, massive shout out to Matthew kühl for all of his testing, helped me out a hell of a lot, Menu Button now shows page loading progress, and had long press features, Progress Bar is thinner and less intrusive.

    Customisation UI Colour customisation has being taken to yet another level, you can customise the following: QA Style Menu's and Buttons (Dialog Headers and Switches Follow suite), ToolBar ToolButtons Information Banner Progress Bar (Affects both Bars) I've added more Colours and removed certain bad mixing ones.

    Search Area The Search Area has undergone a complete revamp, You now have two ToolBars, Bottom consists of Close, Search History and Quick Search Engine changing You can now also press the Enter key on your qwerty or keyboard to search Search Suggestions have also being added, minimum 3 Characters.

    Setttings I've re-organised Settings to make them easier to navigate, and faster to open. You are now told to press a Bottom Tab to begin since some users where confused about how to work it. Lots of Settings now explain they usage to the user also. We have added new features also, Private Browsing Remove Browsing History on close

    General Features Background file downloading added (no progress indicators, justdownload started/completed banners, you can choose save location and file name) Theoretically it may support multiple downloads, I've not actually tested that theory though. Application now catches Red Key and Task Manager close events allowing the browser to fully utilise its function on close features. Share Area now opens Choice in Star Browser itself Open in default browser choices now launch in the user selected and not Nokia browser all the time. RSS Feeds Area added, very basic at the moment, simple add and open, you can have as many as you like as well. Simply click on a story to open the stories page. Small update manager added (located in Settings-About - the Right ToolButton on the Toolbar (This is only available to Belle Refresh, Belle Feature Pack 1 and 2 users, don't ask for lower support because even I don't know why it won't work on lower than Qt 4.8 builds) Security Area revamped, now opens quicker without UI jumpsor freezes, password inputs covered like "****" Main Security Area layout improved also.

    General Improvements Scrolling on History, Bookmarks and Settings is smoother, not as many jumpsand slow downs with many Items (Tested under History with 2144 Items, no problem with scrolling) New Edit Bookmark page, with better inputting, Bookmark creation date shown. You can now set a History Item as the browsers Homepage VGA devices (E6, 702T) now can scroll a page with the D-pad on the device. Memory footprint of the App reduced, more things dynamically created to save as much memory as possible.

    For Web Developers Most (all but Query Dialog) JavaScript Alert /Message boxes ported to native Symbian Avkon Components which are less intrusive, Symbian AlertTones have being disabled too, since they are pretty damn annoying beeping every time. JavaScriptConsole Messages are outputted into .txt files in E:/ AllstaSoftware/StarBrowser (This can be a bit dodgy at times so if it doesn't work it's justa glitch) You can now save the pages source code (html), it saves into the root drive E:/ as pagetitle.html I did attempt a viewer but it didn't work very well, so that idea was scrapped.

    Remove all previous versions before installing!

    Download Instructions:

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