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    I want to upload a game created by me on your site. The problem is that my personal telephone( gsm ) is not modern enough and i can not install the game on it at first in order to be sure that everything is ok and the process of installing the game on people telephones will be smooth enough. I have tested my Java ME game on many emulators and everything seems perfect , but despite of this i can not be sure that if it is installed on real telephone the situation will be the same.
    My first question is the following: If i upload my game on your site, write 'description' and upload some screenshots , will i be able later to edit all this - i mean , if for example there is some problem with the *.jar file and the *.jad file and people can not install the game, will i be able to fix the problem and to upload again the same files?That is, my question is if i upload game to your site, will everything uploaded will be left constant and unchangeable in the future.
    And my second question is: because there are different resolutions for telephones, for example 240x320 , 176x220, etc , i have developed 4 different versions of my game, every version is suitable for concrete resolution. If i want the game to be played on devices with different resolutions i guess i have to upload all the 4 different versions(JAR + JAD) files. My question is do i have to do this as i am uploading 4 completely different applications on your site(with every version of the game to write description and to upload different screenshots ), or there exist way to upload everything at once on one place.

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    Hi, App updates and different resolutions need to be uploaded as separate uploads. We don't yet offer the option to edit or update Java apps, but hope to implement this in the future.


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    Where is the link my friend ?

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